The style of this tool will be one that is collaborative and interactive. My rationale for this approach is quite simple. Rather than be the only subject matter expert, we will all share expertise. Shared expertise is an important aspect of online learning, and it is a strong component of the HS relationship.

Sharing expertise can be associated with the act of empowerment. "Empowerment is generally understood as a process: The means by which people gain control over their lives" (Freiberg, Homel, & Branch, 2014, p. 407). The style of the technology guide, housed in this wiki, will empower you to provide input, and share resources and ideas. I choose this style because it is my assumption that we must practice our philosophical beliefs about empowerment. One of the best ways to practice is to seize opportunities to learn together while forming, shaping and improving digital tools.

Freiberg, K., Homel, R., & Branch, S. (2014). The parent empowerment and efficacy measure (PEEM): A tool for strengthening the accountability and effectiveness of family support services. Australian Social Work. 67-3, 405-418.