If you are feeling as though you are alone in having a limited understanding of technology, please be reassured that you are, in fact, not alone. A majority of instructors feel unfamiliar with online technology (King & Alperstein, 2015).

Though many of us are new to technology and have little experience with digital learning tools, we will have the freedom to experiment. As a user, you are welcome to add links, pictures, and audio/videos to the technology guide housed in this wiki. You do not have to be perfect. If we decide that something is inappropriate, not the best resource etc., we can always make edits. While the purpose of this wiki is to gain an understanding of digital tools, it is also about learning. Learning means growing, taking risks, and sometimes, making mistakes.

King, E. & Alperstein, N. (2015). Best practices in online program development: Teaching and learning in higher education. New York, NY: Routledge.